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Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, CA

Six years ago, my good friend Prince Roy and his wife and I took a "road trip" down to San Diego.

Another friend of mine had become "Thich Chan Phap Vu," a monk in the engaged Buddhism tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Chan Phap Vu was staying at Deer Park Monastery near Escondido before going to France to stay at the order's Plum Tree Village, where "Thay" (an affectionate name for Thich Nhat Hanh, meaning "master" or "teacher") has lived since he was exiled from his homeland in Vietnam.

Before the monastery was located at Deer Park, the land had had many uses. It was once a camp of some kind, and the old buildings had even been used as a police department shooting range.

It's much more peaceful now. I have always loved the California "dryscape," the chaparral and scrub ecology that covers much of the state. It looks fabulous as a backdrop to mild touches of Asian design. Enjoy these images.

A gateway. Note the use of natural
materials and the minimalist design,
against a crappy old pressboard bungalow.

Stone lantern and lush lawn in
the foreground, dry hills beyond.

The lotus pond especially caught the eye
(and heart) in that environment.

Guanyin, bodhisattva of
compassion, in a natural setting.

Some laymen play cards, while the abbot
and a visiting laywoman eat watermelon.

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  1. And he is still a monk living somewhat quietly at Blue Cliff Monastery- all the best, c phap vu


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