Stories and pictures from my travels in (North) America--California,
the Southwest, Utah and other states, plus a little bit of Canada and Mexico
(more about my travels in America)

The Sign of Refreshment, Rock Springs, WY

If you've never seen an old Coke sign painted on the side of a brick building, you've never traveled in small-town America.

This one was on the side of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles building, Aerie 151, on B Street in Rock Springs,Wyoming, up the road (I-80) a piece from Green River in the southwest corner of the state.

I was living near Salt Lake City with a lot of time on my hands, and a 1986 Chevy suburban. My job (tutoring an actor's son) required me to be on hand 2 hours in the evening, Sunday through Thursday. Days and weekends were free.

So I roamed Utah quite a bit, and parts of adjoining states. The Suburban was a gas-guzzler, but I was glad to have it on this trip, as I hit a near-white-out blizzard. Rock Springs was my turn-around point (you can see a snow-smear on the lens), and the Wyoming Highway Patrol was shutting gates across I-80 behind me, all the way back to Green River, where I spent the night.

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