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Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL

I once had a girlfriend who worked for Nestle. We took a few trips, she at company expense, me tagging along. One time we went to Chicago. (As I recall, it was my 40th birthday weekend in July of 1995 when I lived with the Urichs in Utah.)

Anyway, while the gf was working, I scooted around central Chicago visiting museums, and the famous "Bundy Fountain."

My favorite place, though, was the Field Museum of Natural History. I've always been a sucker for that kind of thing.

Here is my favorite view inside the museum:

Who looks more astonished, the brachiosaurus at seeing the woman? Or vice versa? (And who is that woman anyway?)

I've read that the dinosaur is no longer there, having been moved to the airport to make way for Sue the T. Rex. Chicagoans: true?

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